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Student Involvement offers opportunities for students to participate in approximately 400 Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), including student governmental groups, fraternities and sororities, scholastic and professional honorary societies, departmental clubs, service organizations, special interest groups, religious organizations, and sports and recreation clubs, and many more!

In addition, our office facilitates the RSO Fair, SIU Leadership Conference, RSO Awards Ceremony, and Leadership Educators each year to highlight, empower, and celebrate SIU’s student organizations.

The RSO Fair is free, fun and designed to assist YOU in ways to GET INVOLVED on campus and in the community! This event occurs on the first Thursday of the beginning of each semester.  Come and check out over 150 of the RSOs that are available for you to plug into.

The SIU Leadership Conference is a student led event that occurs during the fall semester.  This event aims to provide leadership development opportunities to new and upcoming student leaders on campus. 

The RSO Awards Ceremony is an annual event that recognizes and honors individuals and RSOS who continue to serve the SIU campus and community!

The National Society of Leadership and Success is a national honors society that gives members exclusive access to guest speakers, scholarships, an online job bank, and the ability to interact with their peers in a supportive environment.

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