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There opportunities for students to participate in ove 400 Registered Student Organizations, including student governmental groups, coordinating councils, public interest groups, fraternities and sororities, publication and media groups, scholastic and professional honorary societies, departmental clubs, special interest groups, religious organizations, and sports and recreation clubs.  

There are many ways to find organizations that match your interests.  The Involvement Fair is an event we hold at the beginning of each semester.  This event is a showcase of around 150 Registered Student Organizations at SIU and around 30 organizations from the Carbondale community.  

You can view organizations here or use OrgSync to search for these organizations.  All Registered Student Organizations at SIU have profiles on OrgSync.  You can use the search tool in OrgSync to find organizations that relate specifically to your interests.  

Once you have identified these organizations, feel free to reach out to organizational officers and advisors to learn how you can become involved in their organization.