RSO Renewal

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In accordance with University Policy, each Registered Student Organization (RSO) is required to re-register at least once a year.  **Please note that RSOs must have re-registered over the past year in order to be eligable for USG funding!**

RSOs may renew at any point of the year except during dates in which the University is closed. Please note that the Student Involvement staff asks that you give them up to one full week after you submitted all documentation needed to renew your RSO to process your renewal. 

Beginning April 1st, 2016 - Student organizations moving forward must renewal during one of two registration periods. The following are the registration periods for the 2016-17 academic year: 

2016-17 Registration Period 1: April 1st – May 31st
2016-17 Registration Period 2: August 1st – September 30th

To be active an RSO during the 2016-17 academic year you must register during one of those two periods.  

There will be slight changes to the renewal form.  The renewal form will still be completed on line. One of the changes to the form will be a questionnaire about what your RSO has done this past year and it’s goals for the upcoming year. 

The list of officers will be slightly different.  RSOs will only be required to list 3 officers, each of them being certified meaning the ability to schedule and access to your RSOs budget.  The first one will be Primary Certified Officer, the officer who will be contacted on your organizations behalf.  The other two officers will be Certified Officers.  Certified Officers will still need to complete Officer Orientation and that will only be online. The new renewal form though will send them a reminder email with a link. We will no longer be asking for officer information of non-certified officers.

**Fraternities & Sororities that report through Fraternity & Sorority Life will still need to adhere to any RSO requirements that FSL has for the groups.

Once an RSO has completed their renewal each year, RSOs will have the ability to update their Certified Officers through OrgSync without having to complete the full renewal each time they want to make an update! Additionally, they will be able to make updates to the Certified Officers even in the months that we are not accepting renewals. (YAY! This will be a wonderful change that OrgSync will allow for us to do with a new update that they will be rolling out in late March).

Q: Do I have to renew my RSO during one of the registration periods if my RSO was updated within the past year? 

A: Yes, all RSOs must complete a renewal during this time period even if you completed your last renewal less than a year ago. 

Q: Will RSOs need to complete a renewal each year with this new process?

A: Yes, all RSOs will need to complete a yearly renewal.