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The Office of Student Involvement is responsible for the scheduling of the following solicitation spaces on campus:

  1. Agriculture Building Breezeway (Ag RSOs only)
  2. ASA (Tech C) (Tech RSOs only)
  3. Engineering (Tech D) (Engineering RSOs only)
  4. Communications East & Communications North
  5. Faner Main (can accommodate two activities of different natures)
  6. Faner South
  7. Lawson (grassy area) away from building and off sidewalk
  8. Life Science II/Lobby
  9. Neckers Lobby (Westside)
  10. Quigley (first floor near Child Development Lab)
  11. Wham/Pullium Hallway (near vending machines)

When a RSO in "good standing" wishes to have a fundraiser, sell items, distribute materials, etc. in any of the above areas, they must obtain a Solicitation Permit from the Office of Student Involvement and abide by the following regulations. All solictation permit requests must be completed via OrgSync

For more information, click the appropriate link:


According to university and state regulations, ALL monies received from any fund raising (sales or donations) event held on campus property must be deposited into the appropriate university account. Deposits are required DAILY and within 24 hours of the fund raising event. If a deposit is not received as required, the RSO will be moved to bad standing until the fund raising proceeds are deposited.