Officer Transition

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  1. Make sure all your members are part of your organization’s portal on OrgSync. Get everyone online so they can be part of all the excitement.
  2. Renew your organization’s Annual Registration via OrgSync:
    • Each officer listed must have a personal OrgSync profile.
    • Information for each officer listed must include:
      • Name
      • Officer title
      • Contact information (phone or email)
      • Dawg Tag number
  3. Train your new officers on which OrgSync features the organization uses and how they work. Give them all the tools you can, so that they do not have to call you later.  Our office can also provide this training.  Simply come by the Student Involvement office or e-mail us to set up an OrgSync training session.
  4. Make sure that your organization has at least two Admin users, preferably officers within the organizations. A back-up admin means you can always fix any little mistakes in membership settings or account groups (refer to OrgSync FAQs for instructions).
  5. Introduce your new officers to the Help, Support and Training resources. OrgSync provides some amazing support systems. Encourage your new officers to use them if they have questions. New Officers can also direct questions to Student Involvement.
  6. Invite all new and potential members to join (refer to OrgSync FAQs for instructions).
  7. Add organization positions and responsibilities to your e-portfolio.
  8. Archive old information into your files.
  9. Switch your former Officers to the Member or Alumni Account Group. 
  10. Remove old members who no longer need access to OrgSync.
  11. Relax. You've earned it!