Start an RSO

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Have an idea for a new organization?

Did this organization exist in previous years? Check out this list of previous RSOs that currently are not active at SIU. Contact the Student Involvement Office if you wish to reactivate any of these organizations.  

If the RSO is not on the above list, it’s easy to start an RSO! Just follow these simple steps:
  1. Create a "Petition to Organize".  This document should contain the names, e-mail addresses, and DawgTags of at least 10 SIU students interested in joining your organization.
  2. Contact a full time faculty or staff member to be your advisor.
  3. Create an organization constitution.  Click here for a sample organization constitution.
  4. Register your organization on OrgSync.  You will need to select "Student Involvement" as your umbrella.
  5. Schedule a meeting with a member of the Office of Student Involvement. Please call 618-453-5714 or e-mail to schedule your appointment. 
  6. The primary and certified officers will need to attend an RSO Orientation. 

Come by the Student Involvement office for more detailed instructions!