RSO Transitions

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RSO Transitioning is the bi-annual process where an RSO updates their RSO information in order to keep it up to date.  Even if an RSO does not have any changes they must still login to their Saluki Connects page and save with no changes. This is required in order for our office to be able to communicate with the current officers and advisers when needed.

  • Steps to transition
    • Please note, you need specific admin access in order to transition an organization. If you do not see the options outlined below, please contact for assistance.
      • From any screen, hover over the left navigation menu on the left and select "Organizations" to bring up the organizations list.
      • Search for your Organization, then click on the three stacked dots to the far right of your organization's name. Select "Transition" from the menu that appears. If you do not see the word "Transition", look to make sure there is a blue box next to your organization's name that says, "In Transition".
      • The next screen will be your Transition screen! The transition process has you look over the information for your organization and confirm everything is up to date; this includes your roster! If you complete the transition process, you will be able to mark old members as "former", update any position changes for your current members, and add in any new folks that joined.
      • President, Secretary, Treasurer must be listed on the roster. Check to be sure all the fields with a red asterisk (*) have been completed fully as those fields are required. When you are done updating your organization's information, scroll back to the top of the page and click on the green "Submit for Approval" button
      • Once they have processed your request, you will get an email letting you know! Only after your Transition request has been approved will you see the changes reflected on your organization's page!

Visit to transition your RSO today! Spring RSO transitions are due May 15, 2024!