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The following are some ways in which RSOs can help fund their events, programs and travel.  **Please note this is not an all-inclusive list** 

Undergraduate Student Government 

Graduate and Professional Student Council Funding:

RSO can set up solicitation tables at various locations on campus and sell items within the solicitation guidelines.

  • Fundraisers tips
    • Student may fundraise through solicitation on campus
    • Student can fundraise with local businesses
    • Students can fundraise through Concessions opportunities.

Request a Solicitation Permit through Student Involvement


Local Fundraising Options

SalukiFunder (Crowdfunding)

SalukiFunder is a program through the Foundation for Southern Illinois University’s crowdfunding platform. Check out the current campaigns on SalukiFunder. Please complete the form below to submit your idea or project to be featured. Please note that you must complete the information for all the fields for this request to be considered. This application will allow us to evaluate your project’s suitability for a fundraising campaign.

Crowdfunding Application